Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction
2. How to buy?
3. Product Information
4. Prices
5. Availability
6. Methods of Shipping
7. Payment
1. Introduction
The general sales conditions described below (the General Conditions) govern only the contractual relationship between any user of the website coffeecapsulator.com (hereinafter "User" or "you") and seller, with company name coffeecapsulator.com (hereinafter "coffeecapsulator" or "Portal") and whose registered office is 08788 VILANOVA DEL CAMI (Barcelona).
These general conditions of sale are the only applicable and replace all other conditions, except for prior express written cancellation.
coffeecapsulator may occasionally amend sections of its general conditions, so it is advisable that they be read at each visit to the Website. These changes will be effective upon publication on the Internet and may not apply to contracts concluded earlier. Each purchase in coffeecapsulator is governed by the general conditions applicable at the date of the order. We believe that once you have placed an order, will be accepted without our terms of sale after having read them, so that will be required to check the box in which you confirm did.
Accessing the Site, you agree to abide by the Terms and Customer Information.
2. How to buy?
We provide two (2) forms for ordering:
- Online at our website: www.coffeecapsulator.com (24h / day, every day) and through secure gateway https: //
- By email: coffeecapsulator@gmail.com, indicating the desired material. Payment only by bank transfer or Paypal.
In both cases you need to create a user account on the website coffeecapsulator.com, the user responsible for the veracity of the data necessary to successfully process orders being.
3. Product Information
coffeecapsulator pays great attention to information concerning the essential characteristics of products through technical descriptions and photographs of the same; use all possible means within the limits of the technique and respecting the best market standards, to ensure that such information is accurate and adjusted at any time, but are not binding in any case.
4. Prices
Sales prices indicated on the Site are in Euros. Shipping costs are borne by coffeecapsulator these prices are considered net, being obliged to pay the corresponding local tax purchaser and customs arrangements that apply (DUA).
We reserve the right to change our prices at any time; however, we will apply the current rates listed on the Portal at the time of placing your order.
5. Availability
Please note that orders for domestic cappers are in stock and industrial cappers be manufactured on request so that the deadlines in the case of less than 10 units will be 1-3 days of production, in the case of multiple orders over 10. If such a situation should arise Customer estimated the total manufacturing order form (with acceptance of delay replenishment) term partially be informed (with reimbursement of the amounts paid for materials not delivered) or dismiss it, then having, in the latter case, entitled to full reimbursement of the amounts advanced.
6. Methods of Shipping
Products purchased in coffeecapsulator will be sent free of charge to everyone.
coffeecapsulator offers generically mode Shipping: Registered Mail.
- Registered Mail: shipping in 2-5 days (labor, depends on the postal service and extraordinarily can be extended, during the months of July / August shipments may be delayed one day more); there is no insurance for the goods, so if the package is lost there is only compensation for the amount established by Parcel force at the time of the incident, and if the content is broken is not covered in any way by the Service Post; One delivery attempt at home; cheaper than the system option using Messenger.
In both cases tried by all means to set delivery deadlines are respected, but we are not responsible for delays that management or inaction of the carrier, can result in the resolution of incidents in the process delivery originating and involving periods longer than those specified delivery and delays that they originate in certain seasons clipping service.
The arrangements for shipping Registered Mail are:
- Certificate Charter.
Certified Charter is the most economical way to send parcels up to 20 Kg. For Spain and Andorra. Reception is guaranteed by the signature of the addressee or an authorized person. If I could not be delivered, the recipient will be advised through a notice that you have 15 days to collect the shipment at a post office. Delivery: 2 to 5 working days depending on destination for Registered Mail up to 2 Kg (during the months of July / August shipments may be delayed one day more)..
- Package Certificate.
For over 2 Kg packages. The characteristics and deadlines are the same as certified by the Charter.
Guarantees of the Charter or Certificates package for loss or misplacement of a consignment: as existing conditions of service of the Post.
coffeecapsulator makes every effort to respect the deadlines listed on the site. However, coffeecapsulator not be held responsible for the consequences due to a shipping delay or loss of package by persons outside the contract of carriage, for yourself or for reasons or an unforeseen or insurmountable force majeure.
All goods fulfilling the responsibility required by Law 16/1987 Management of Land Transport (LOTT) and 29/2003 are covered by basic insurance and customer will be compensated in case of disaster with the amounts in force at the time of the incident per kg. transported except by USPS shipments having their particular claims.
The claim for damages and damages suffered transported goods must be within 24 hours after receipt thereof, unless the damage was obvious at the time of receipt of them, in which case the claim must be made in the upon receipt of the goods and the same carrier that gives him scoring on the delivery note the observed damage and the extent thereof; Art. 366 Commercial Code.
7. Payment
coffeecapsulator offers two payment options: bank transfer and Paypal.

Paypal Account: clementedx@gmail.com

- Make payments conveniently by bank transfer to our account:
Bank Name: BBVA
IBAN: ES84 0182 4216 8102 0318 0098
Account holder: Clemente Montes
Do not forget to include in your transfer order number and customer (visible both to print the confirmation of receipt of the order or the e-mail confirmation will be sent). Note that the transfer will take a few days to become visible in our body, usually 2 to 3 days. After checking the payment will proceed to the delivery of goods depending on the service chosen in the order.