Shipping terms

Products purchased in coffeecapsulator will be sent charge-free to all costumers.

Coffeecapsulator offers three different shipment methods:

- Certified Mail: shipping in 2-5 days (working days, depends on the postal service and extraordinarily can be extended, during the months of July / August shipments may be delayed one day more); there is no insurance for the goods, so if the goods are lost there is only compensation for the amount established by the company at the time of the incident, and if the content is broken it will not be covered in any way by the Postal Service; One delivery attempt at home; cheaper than the system option using Messenger.

In both cases we do our best to meet delivery deadlines, but we are not responsible for delays that come from wrong management or non activity of the carrier.

Certified Mail methods  are:

- Certified Envelope.

It is the most economical way to send parcels up to 20 Kg. For Spain and Andorra. Reception is guaranteed by the signature of the receiver or an authorized person. If I could not be delivered, the client will be warned through a notice that you have 15 days to collect the shipment at a post office. Delivery: 2 to 5 working days depending on destination for Registered Mail up to 2 Kg (during the months of July / August shipments may be delayed by one day more)..

- Certified Parcel.

For over 2 Kg packages. The characteristics and deadlines are the same as the previous system.

Guarantees of the Charter or Certificates package for loss or misplacement of a shipment: as existing conditions of service of the Post.